Peace of mind

At times like this, it can sometimes be worthwhile to stand back and think about the principles and safeguards you can rely on - no matter what is happening in the short term – especially the importance of taking expert financial advice.

The following links provide information and commentary for you to consider before making any decisions about your finances.

Brexit: What now?

Read ‘Brexit: What now? by financial journalist Rosie Murray-West, former deputy editor of the Daily Telegraph’s Money section. This article demonstrates the value of advice, what it can do for you and why it’s worth it.


Investing through volatile times

‘Investing through volatile times’ is a useful reminder of the seven essential investment principles that could help you reach your investment goals.


Protecting your money

Thanks to the robust systems put in place by our industry regulators, there are multiple layers of protection and redress in place in the event of the failure of the firm providing your investment. How these safeguards apply in specific case depends on the type of investment. You can read about the protections that apply to your Old Mutual International Isle of Man investment(s).