Solutions for expatriate investors

With a thirty-year track record operating in international jurisdictions and markets around the world, we have exceptional experience in the issues that most concern expatriate investors round the world.

To help you serve your clients better and make the most of the opportunities available, we have put together here the latest relevant information in the form of sales aids.

Our specialist adviser support can provide you with a dedicated and personal service – on expatriate solutions, as well as other international business matters.

Sales aids

Non-UK Domicile sales aid thumbnailNon-UK Domicile Opportunities (April 2017 Deadline)  

This document looks at changes to rules for non-UK domiciled clients which represents a window of opportunity for financial advisers before April 2017.






The Super Six sales aid thumbnailThe Super Six: Benefits of an Offshore Bond for UK Expatriates

This sales aid provides a high-level summary of some of the key UK taxation benefits which an offshore bond can provide to a UK expatriate investor returning to the UK and becoming UK tax resident.




Tax Liability in India thumbnailDetermining Your Liability to Tax in India

This sales aid is for non-resident Indian clients, intending to return to India, and looks at considerations for determining their liability to tax in India. 






International Pension Plan sales aid thumbnailInternational Pension Plan Solutions for US Non-Residents

This brochure considers using an offshore bond as an investment solution where US non-residents are considering an international pension solution.






Becoming Australian Resident sales aid thumbnailOld Mutual International Bonds Owned by Individuals Becoming Australian Residents

This document is an overview of the taxation of Old Mutual International bonds owned by an individual who returns or moves to Australia and becomes Australian resident.





Technical expertise for advisers

Visit our Techcellence channel for technical information designed to ‘cut through the noise’ and provide key facts about important subjects including the UK taxation of offshore bonds, retirement options, inheritance tax and trusts.

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