Trusts in Wealth Planning

To support your trust planning decisions

A trust can be an indispensable financial planning tool, both to help minimise the impact of tax, and to help provide control over how and when wealth is distributed. It can deliver a powerful solution when used alongside an offshore bond, which can be held as an underlying asset of the trust.

Questions for you to consider...

  • Do you want to retain control of your assets during your lifetime?
  • Is bloodline planning important?
  • Do you think your Will protects you?
  • How will your investments be controlled after your death?
  • Is losing 40% to tax upon death a concern if you are UK domicile?

Watch our video that demystifies Trusts

Watch this video to help understand what a trust is, what the main reasons are for creating a trust and why you might consider using a professional trustee.

The legal and regulatory details shown at the end of this video have been updated since the video was created.

Please click here to view the most recent legal and regulatory details.


Useful support material

Old Mutual International Trust Company

Our independent trust company can be appointed to deal with the assets of a trust in a professional and unbiased manner, and importantly, in accordance with your wishes.

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