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Once you have selected the most appropriate products and investment solutions for your clients’ needs, you can submit your client’s application to us.

It’s crucial to review your client’s portfolio at regular intervals to ensure it still reflects their attitude to risk and that it is performing in line with expectations. In addition to reviewing investment in light of the prevailing market conditions, it is also important to meet up with your clients at regular intervals to ensure their investment needs and goals are still being met.

We provide easy-to-use online management tools via Wealth Interactive, which allow you to study the underlying assets of existing client accounts, model portfolios, individual funds or all of a client's existing holdings.

Asset allocations can be easily amended to reflect a client’s attitude to risk as their circumstances change.

If you run your own model portfolios it is important that you document your investment decisions to ensure that any changes will stand up to regulatory scrutiny. One way to do this is to set up and document your own investment processes for monitoring and making informed decisions about changes to the make-up of your investment portfolios.

For larger advisory firms, it may be appropriate to set up an investment committee to fulfil this purpose. An investment committee should consist of a selection of key staff who are involved in the decision-making process. This may include only senior advisers but could also include paraplanners and research/admin staff if appropriate. The committee should meet regularly to review funds and asset allocations.

If you want to reduce the burden of selecting investments, our Researched fund range can be used as a focused list of researched funds which is additionally supported with analysts’ research notes to evidence the selection process.

When your clients invest in our packaged solutions, Managed Solutions, we perform the portfolio review and rebalancing process for you. Our multi-asset team reviews the investments regularly to ensure they are performing in line with expectation and to maintain the funds' risk-reward characteristics within a changing economic environment.

If your clients have chosen to outsource all investment management to a Discretionary Asset Manager, such as Quilter Cheviot, they will provide in-depth detailed information on the portfolio on a regular basis.

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