Our Researched Fund Range

With our Researched funds, part of our GlobalSelect range, you and your clients can build and manage a portfolio of funds with the peace of mind that the funds have passed our stringent quality standards.

Take a look at our clear and engaging infographic that illustrates the key benefits of the Researched Fund range.

The range includes approximately 50 Researched Funds from 15 leading international asset managers with global presence covering all major asset classes.

All the fund managers and companies are constantly monitored by the multi asset team at Old Mutual Wealth Investment Division to ensure they perform as expected and continue to meet our high standards. The Researched Funds are subject to our constant review and their number may vary. To help you to evidence why you have chosen these funds of your clients portfolio, we provide you with research notes for the funds. These notes are updated after each review meeting. 

How do we manage the managers?

Old Mutual Wealth Investment Division use a rigorous and repeatable process to select, research and monitor every fund manager within the range of Researched Funds and our Managed Solutions.


What type of client may want to invest in the Old Mutual International Researched Funds?

Clients who:

  • place a high value on the best-quality active management
  • see the value of professional portfolio management
  • want a diversified portfolio of global assets
  • do not want a high level of involvement in fund selection or day to day portfolio management.

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