Help boost your efficiency

Our administration processes are much smoother, faster and more efficient, thanks to the remarkable functionality of Wealth Interactive. It can help to reduce the hours you spend on routine administration and paperwork with Old Mutual International.

This will help to speed up your offshore business with Old Mutual International, giving you more time for the rest of your business.

  • Wealth Interactive accelerates your transactions because they are done online, and you benefit from instant validations throughout the processes.
  • Simply click for instant business information and the latest figures, including recent activity, net client cash flow, pipeline applications and much more.
  • You can manage your clients’ investments in bulk, by grouping together clients who are invested in the same asset and then buying and selling their investments in that asset simultaneously.

So, when you recommend Old Mutual International to your clients, you can be confident of top-quality service and fast responses.

Speeding up client servicing

As soon as you log on to a client’s Wealth Interactive page, you can access all their Old Mutual International Isle of Man and Old Mutual International Ireland portfolio bond policies administered by the service, for which you are the appointed adviser. You won’t need to conduct long searches to ensure you have all the relevant information for your client, and there’s no chance of missing vital details.

You can also send personalised illustrations to your clients instantly – there’s no need to wait for us to send them to you. And with online dealing, even if your client is away, you can still request their approval for deals by sending the dealing instruction through to their online service account.

Financial Adviser Verification

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