Tax information for South Africa

The following article provides an overview of the taxation of a life assurance or capital redemption bond held by a South African resident. Topic:Africa
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European inheritance gift and wealth tax

Inheritance, gift and wealth taxes and which jurisdictions in Europe they apply to. Please be aware there may be regional differences within the jurisdiction on how the tax is levied, if at all, and the exemptions that are available. Topic:Europe

You can run, but you can’t hide

UK HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) have made it very clear that it is not acceptable for those with overseas assets to not pay UK taxes where they are liable to do so. This article explains the measures the UK Government has put in place and the effect these measures have on UK taxpayers. Topic:North America

There's no escaping FATCA

By introducing FATCA, the US hopes to gather a sizeable amount of tax owed by US persons. Gordon Andrews tells us more. Topic:North America
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Tax information for Sweden

The following article provides an overview of the taxation of a life assurance policy in Sweden which are owned by a Swedish resident. Topic:Europe
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Tax information for Brazil

This article is intended for use by financial advisers who provide advice outside of Brazil to clients who are habitually resident in Brazil. It only applies to Old Mutual International business which is completed outside of Brazil. Topic:South America
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Tax information for Japan

This article provides an overview of taxation for Japanese residents and explains how their Old Mutual International bond will be taxed. Topic:Asia
Cyprus: EU succession law

Cyprus: EU succession law

Where an individual owns assets in more than one country at the time of their death, complex rules can apply to their estate. Topic:Europe
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US estate tax

This article considers the estate/inheritance tax consequences of individuals transferring their US/UK shares to an Old Mutual International life assurance or redemption policy. Topic:North America
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SA Bond returning to UK

Taxation issues for an individual who is or is likely to become a UK Resident and owns a Life Account/Life Account 2 or Investment Portfolio/Investment Portfolio +. Topic:Africa

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