Old Mutual International companies

Old Mutual International is made up of three companies:

  • Old Mutual International Isle of Man (previously Royal Skandia)
  • Old Mutual International Ireland (previously Skandia Ireland)
  • Old Mutual International South Africa

Through our Isle of Man and Dublin offices, we provide investment solutions for expatriate and local customers around the world, including Africa, Asia, mainland Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and the United Kingdom. Old Mutual International South Africa provides an investment product to South African residents through Old Mutual Isle of Man, a branch of Old Mutual Life Assurance South Africa (OMLACSA).

We constantly challenge what the market has to offer, believing that clients should have the freedom to choose financial products tailored to their individual needs, and the ability to adapt their portfolios as these needs change.

Old Mutual International Isle of Man

This arm of Old Mutual International has operated from the Isle of Man since 1984 and became fully owned by what was then Skandia in 1990. It manages more than 130,000 policies in tax-efficient investment and savings products. It’s one of the largest financial services employers in the Isle of Man and is a major force in the offshore marketplace.

Old Mutual International Isle of Man can also provide access to the benefits of its sister company, Old Mutual International Trust Company.

Old Mutual International Ireland

This part of Old Mutual has been based in Dublin since 2003. It offers a range of innovative and market-leading investment solutions specifically designed for investors in Europe.

Old Mutual International South Africa

Old Mutual International South Africa is a leading provider of direct offshore investments to South African residents. It offers a convenient investment solution allowing investors to consolidate and manage their offshore investments within one product.

All three of these companies are part of the wealth management business of Old Mutual plc.