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Think about the following...

  • Do you know what sort of education will suit your child best?
  • Do you know the costs of providing it?
  • Do your children have special talents that need nurturing at a particular kind of school?
  • Is your child likely to go to university one day?
  • Are you prepared for a rise in university fees on top of increasing living costs?
  • Are you considering a university abroad?
  • Do you have a savings plan in place?
  • If you have a savings plan, is it enough to combat the impacts of inflation and low interest rates as well as rising education costs?
  • Are you confident that your savings are in an economically stable environment?
  • How do you keep control of your savings and minimise the impact of different tax regimes and widely varied national laws?

It's best to start saving as early as possible, so speak to your financial adviser about your education fee planning.

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