Paying for education can be costly

In the United Arab Emirates, it can cost an average of US$152,865* to educate a child in a UK or US curriculum school up to university age.

The high cost often comes as a shock for expatriates, whose employment packages may not be able to cover these costs. Educating children privately is often seen as the only option for parents in Africa and the Middle East, where state schools may be either unavailable or of a low standard. Private education can be extremely costly – with school fees in the region considerably higher than in many other countries. 

Education Planning InfographicHere to help you

We have developed some useful information that may assist you when discussing education fee planning with your financial adviser:

  • An engaging infographic that addresses what you should consider when planning for education
  • An education calculator to help you discover the potential costs that you might face.
  • case studies  about three families and their education considerations
  • 10 questions for you to consider

Start education fee planning now by talking to your financial adviser

Don’t look just to the short term as fees may be vastly more in ten years’ time. Contact your financial adviser now to discuss your investment goals to help fund your children's education.

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*Dubai School Fees 2016, 2017 by Year Group – Which School Advisor UAE, published August 7, 2016, update September 3, 2016 –