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Tax planning

For many investors, the tax benefits an offshore investment can provide will be an important factor. Investments held within the international jurisdictions we use grow virtually free of income tax or capital gains tax. Although you may be liable to tax when you withdraw your money, over the longer term and with the expertise of a professional adviser, the impact of tax can be managed.
Some funds may be liable to a tax known as withholding tax, which cannot be reclaimed. This tax is deducted at source, for example from dividend income.
When you withdraw money, you may be liable to local taxes on any gains. However, you have control over when and how much you withdraw, and this can help reduce any tax liability. For instance, circumstances permitting, it may be advantageous to hold off making withdrawals until you are resident in a country with a lower tax rate or when you are in a lower tax bracket.

UK residents and expats

For UK residents and those who have lived in the UK for a period of time and may be subject to UK Inheritance tax (IHT), we offer a range of trusts which can help mitigate any potential tax liability.

There are some further tax benefits for UK investors: you can withdraw up to 5% of your initial investment free of income tax each year and defer tax payable until you have withdrawn your total investment or surrendered your investment.

Our UK compliant investment solutions are classed as ‘non-income producing assets’ by HM Revenue & Customs. This means there is normally no requirement to include details on self-assessment tax returns unless you decide to cash in more than 5% of your initial investment in any one tax year or if you surrender your policy.

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The information provided is based on our interpretation of the law and HM Revenue and Customs current practice as at June 2018. We believe this interpretation to be correct, but cannot guarantee it. Tax relief and the tax treatment of investment funds may change in the future. The value of any tax relief will depend in the investor's individual circumstances.

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