Special offer for clients investing in our Managed Capital Account - extended until 30 September 2017

From now until 30 September 2017, clients investing an initial lump sum of US$100,000 (€100,000/ £66,666) or more will see their investment enhanced to 103%.

You can use our client-facing sales aid to share this offer with your clients.

The Managed Capital Account (MCA) may help your clients to:

  • save for growth over the medium to long term
  • use savings to generate a regular income, now or in the future
  • be able to change the way they save, or switch investment funds, whenever they want
  • have easy access to their investment
  • save for their retirement
  • create a fund for their children’s education
  • save for a one-off special event, such as a wedding, home moving expenses or perhaps a trip round the world.

This offer does not apply to:

  • Initial contributions less than US$100,000 (€100,000/ £66,666)
  • Regular contributions
  • Additional lump sum contributions

Within the promotion period, each policyholder (individual or joint) can only enjoy this special offer once.

Where the offer does not apply, the allocation percentage will be 100%.

The Early Encashment Charge will apply as follows:

Number of years since the account start date Special offer early encashment charge
(% of value of encashed units for the contribution paid)
Less than 1 11%
1 8.4%
2 5.8%
3 3.2%
4 1.6%
5 or more Nil

If you have any questions about this special offer, please contact your usual sales consultant.

To help you and your clients benefit from this fantastic opportunity, we’ve prepared a suite of supporting documents, including:

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