Non-resident Indians (NRI)

Click on the links below to access our support material for your non-resident Indian (NRI) clients. Whether they need your help with estate planning, trusts, advice on moving to a new country – or they’re looking to return to India – we have information that may be of use.

  • Estate planning – a client-facing guide to explain the benefits of using an offshore bond for estate planning.
  • Tax in India – a client-facing guide to help your NRI clients determine their tax liability in India.
  • Education planning – support pages for you with information on education planning in the UAE - including case studies, discussion tips, email templates and more. There's also a link to our client-facing education web page.
  • Trust planning – material to support your trust planning discussions with your clients - includes videos, case studies, adviser testimonials, a handy decision tree and more. However, trusts may not be suitable for all clients. There are many different factors to take into consideration, such as where the client is resident and domiciled, as trusts are not recognised in every jurisdiction.
  • Moving to the UAE – an adviser article providing an overview of taxation for UAE residents.

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