Our online channel for technical information is designed to ‘cut through the noise’ and provide key facts about important subjects including the UK taxation of offshore bonds, retirement options, inheritance tax and trusts.

The Techcellence Channel makes potentially complex issues easier to grasp by presenting them in the form of short videos by our technical experts – backed up by relevant support material online, allowing you to select the format you prefer.

We hope you will find this a vital source and archive of technical education for you and your colleagues.

Watch the videos below

Continuing our ‘techcellence’ promise to provide you with clear information, the video links below have been created to provide you with everything you need to support your business and client conversations about the subjects listed.

Techcellence series 1 – Bonds

UK taxation of offshore bonds part 1
UK taxation of offshore bonds part 2
Taxation of personal portfolio bonds

Techcellence series 2 – Inheritance tax

Introduction to inheritance tax
Inheritance tax exemptions
UK domicile

Techcellence series 3 – Retirement



Importance of suitability
Outsourcing investment

Techcellence series 4 – Trusts

Understanding trusts
Why use the Old Mutual International Trust Company
Using a corporate trustee
Loan trust
Discounted gift trust


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Spotlight on our presenters

Rachael Griffin FPFS TEP - Chartered Financial Planner Head of Trusts & Technical Solutions | Old Mutual WealthRachael Griffin

Rachael provides tax and technical guidance for the development and maintenance of our financial planning solutions to the UK, expatriate and international investors... Read more

Dean Bowden - Multi-Asset Commercial Director, Old Mutual Wealth Investment Division Dean Bowden

Dean is responsible for the oversight and integrity of the investment propositions offered across Old Mutual International and the wider Old Mutual Wealth... Read more

Darren Jones - Head of Technical SalesDarren Jones

Darren focuses on taxation and trust planning for clients of various nationalities but specialises in solutions for those with a UK connection... Read more

Gordon Andrews DipPFS TEP - Trusts and Technical Solutions Manager - Life and Investments | Old Mutual WealthGordon Andrews

Gordon Andrews provides tax and technical guidance for the development and maintenance of financial planning solutions to the UK, expatriate and international investors... Read more


David Denton - Technical Sales ManagerDavid Denton

David works with financial advisers, their introducers and clients all over the world, specialising in taxation, trusts and pensions... Read more




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