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It’s easy to apply for an online account with Wealth Interactive; just follow the steps below:


To register for an online account, please download and complete this Application for an online service account form.

If you hold your policy with another person (joint policyholders) or if you are a trustee for a policy, each of you can register to have an online account. This will enable you to view details of the policy and check its current value. But in order to benefit fully from the features of Wealth Interactive, it’s important for all policyholders/trustees to apply for an online account. Once you have all signed up, you will need to appoint a lead policyholder who will be able to perform some tasks online on behalf of all policyholders.

A Wealth Interactive online service account is only available to the legal owner(s) of a policy. If you are a third party to a policy, such as a Protector, or Power of Attorney, you cannot currently view policy details online. Please use the contact us details on the right-hand side of this page to find out more.


Do I need to appoint a lead policyholder?

If there is more than one person involved with the policy, for example joint policyholders, corporate policyholders or individual trustees, and you all apply for an online account; you’ll need to appoint a lead policyholder.

The lead policyholder can provide Old Mutual International with instructions on behalf of all policyholders for online policy transactions, such as amendments to policy correspondence details and the placing of investment instructions where a fund adviser has not been appointed. There are other policy transactions such as withdrawals and surrenders which will need the authority of all policyholders. The lead policyholder can be changed at any time.

Please download and complete this Appointment of a Lead Policyholder form.

Once you've completed the form(s) please scan and email to


Once we have received the completed forms via email, you will be sent a registration email from ''.

The registration email will provide you with the details you need to log in to your online account. You need to complete the registration for Wealth Interactive within 90 days of receiving the email, otherwise the registration details will expire.

I’m a member of a corporate trust – can I apply for an online account?

Corporate trustees will normally allow you to view your policy online via Wealth Interactive. Please check with your trustee who will be able to register you for the service.

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