Existing customer registration

Setting up your Wealth Interactive Online Service Account

  • Individual policyholders
  • Companies (only one online service account is allowed per company)
  1. To register for an online service account with Wealth Interactive, we need you to complete the attached form.
    Please either fax it to us on +44 1624 611715 or mail it to us at: Customer Services, Old Mutual International, King Edward Bay House, King Edward Road, Onchan, Isle of Man, IM99 4NU, British Isles.
  • Joint policyholders (you hold your policy with one or more other person)
  • Trustees
  1. To benefit fully from the online services of Wealth Interactive therefore, all policyholders must be registered for the service. Each policyholder must therefore complete the attached form to apply for an online service account.
  2. You must also appoint a ‘Lead Policyholder’, by completing the appointment of lead policy holder form. 

    The Lead Policyholder can provide Old Mutual International/Old Mutual International Ireland with instructions to carry out and request some online Policy Transactions on behalf of all Policyholders, such as amendments to policy correspondence details and the placing of investment instructions where a fund adviser has not been appointed. There are other Policy Transactions such as withdrawals and surrenders which will need the authority of all Policyholders. Once appointed, a Lead Policyholder can be changed at any time.

Please note:

A Wealth Interactive online service account is only available to legal owners of a policy. If you are a settlor, protector, or a member of a schemes, you are currently unable to view details of the policy online.

If you are a member of a Trust, and you have your Trustee’s authority to receive information directly from us, please contact us on +44 1624 655555 or for a valuation.

Once we have received the completed forms, you will be sent a registration email from‘’ It will contain a 10 digit unique registration number. Make a note of this number as you will need it in Step 1 of the registration process.

You need to register for Wealth Interactive within 30 days of receiving the email. The registration process is described below.

Step 1 
In the registration email, click on the link that says ‘Continue with the Registration’ and you will be taken to a screen which will ask you to enter the 10digit reference number.

Step 2 
You then need to choose a username and a password. You will be given on-screen guidance when entering these to ensure they meet the required criteria. Once you choose a username, you cannot change it, so please make sure it’s one you can remember.

Step 3 
You will then be taken to the registration confirmation screen. 
You will need to wait for an email that tells you your online service account is activated. This should only take a few minutes. The activation email will contain a link to the Wealth Interactive sign-in page.

Step 4 
The first time you sign in to Wealth Interactive, you will be asked to re-enter your Wealth Interactive password that you chose at the start of Step 2, and to set up an access code. This code must be a sixdigit number with no spaces, letters or special characters.

You will need to remember this access code. You will not need to use it each time you sign in to your account, but you will need to enter it if you ever need to reset your password.

You’re now registered
You can sign in to Wealth Interactive whenever you want to review your policy and carry out key transactions through your secure online service account. You can find all the information you need about your investment with us in one place.