Solutions for you

Managed solutions

Our Managed Solutions fund range enables you to diversify your investments into many different kinds of assets and choose a complete portfolio that suits your attitude to investing and the amount of flexibility you need.

There are five portfolios to choose from, each targeting different levels of risk and return. These are MultiManager solutions, investing in a range of carefully selected funds across a broad range of strategies and markets.

Each fund has an asset allocation designed to maximise the expected returns for specific risk levels. We aim to achieve this balance between returns and risk by combining fund managers who specialise in different market areas.

Together with your financial adviser you can identify a MultiManager solution which best suits your plans and your attitude to investing.

Sector solutions

Building a personalised portfolio

Our Sector Solutions range is a collection of single manager funds, covering every major asset class.

The fund managers have all been assessed and accredited by our investment team using a stringent selection process. You simply work with your financial adviser to use these funds as ‘building blocks’ to create your own personalised portfolio.

Only fund managers who meet or exceed our high standards are considered for inclusion in this fund range and we continually monitor each one. If one of them changes their way of investing or underperforms – or if we simply identify a more suitable fund manager elsewhere – we carefully consider the options and can initiate a change.

This selection process and continual monitoring allows you to benefit from world class asset management and fund development.

Self select

Create your unique portfolio from leading fund groups

Our Self-Select fund range gives you access to hundreds of funds from a wide range of leading fund groups, including Fidelity, Invesco, BlackRock, HSBC, Franklin Templeton, Henderson, Aberdeen, Schroders and many more, which you can use to build a tailored portfolio.

Together with your financial adviser, you will need to decide on the most appropriate mix of investments to suit your investment horizon and attitude to risk. You can then choose funds from our Self-Select range or work with our managed and sector solutions to construct a portfolio.

If you want your investment portfolio to be actively managed, you may wish to appoint a specialist fund adviser to help you with your fund selection and asset allocation.