Wealth Interactive

Wealth Interactive can transform the strength and depth of your relationships with your Old Mutual International clients.

Our end-to-end online wealth management service will help you engage more deeply with them so you can build even stronger, lasting relationships and gain more business.

Designed to support your relationship with your clients

Through Wealth Interactive, you can access all the information, insight and reporting you need to service your clients effectively, which will help enhance your relationships with them.

Wealth Interactive provides the support and services you need to help your clients plan for their long-term goals. Financial goal planning and client risk profiling services will help you to work with them to build the right solutions with a strategic asset allocation which will support a longer-term investment approach.

We understand how important your relationships with your clients are to you, so we have designed Wealth Interactive to enhance the relationship between you.

The information available to clients once they register with Wealth Interactive will help give them peace of mind because it enables them to understand why their investments behave as they do.

Wealth Interactive will not give your clients the expert knowledge they usually access through you. In fact, they may need you more than ever, as their revitalised interest will make them eager to interact with you, adjusting their investments with your help. This will help lead to a stronger long-term relationship between you, creating business opportunities for years to come.

And because Wealth Interactive will help free up your time, you can focus on your clients and servicing their existing Old Mutual International investment.

Speeding up client servicing

As soon as you land on a client’s Wealth Interactive page, you can view all their Old Mutual International policies administered by the service that you have access to.

You won’t need to make long searches to ensure you have all the relevant information for your client, and there’s no chance of missing vital details.

You can also create illustrations for your clients as and when you need them. You can send the illustrations instantly either by email or straight into the client’s Wealth Interactive online service account, and avoid unnecessary waiting for us to send them to you.

Carrying out your clients’ instructions

With Wealth Interactive, you can respond to your clients’ requests faster and more precisely than ever before.

  • There’s less reliance on the postal system and the risk of delays and losses. This is especially important with an international service.
  • Easy-to-use online applications with built-in validation helps to reduce the margin for error, so standard client applications, once approved by your client, will go straight through to Old Mutual International without any delays. In circumstances where referrals are required, the processes have been streamlined and automated for maximum efficiency.
  • You can request to add an additional lump sum premium as soon as a client instructs you.
  • You can instantly access up-to-date valuations whenever your clients request them, without needing to call us.
  • All valuations can be produced in PDF format, so it’s easy to send them to your clients either by email or straight into the client’s Wealth Interactive online service account.

Building mutual trust and confidence

The client extranet within Wealth Interactive will allow your clients to become more involved with their investments and manage their personal information.

Giving them open and transparent access to information about their investments will also help build their confidence in you, encouraging them to entrust you with even more of their business.

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