Our ongoing fund manager research process

Choosing the right funds for portfolios – and keeping track of them on an ongoing basis – is a time-consuming, research-intensive process that carries a number of commercial and investment risks. With thousands of funds available to choose from, identifying managers with true skill can be a minefield for those without the necessary time or resources.

With the Researched Funds, we, using the market-leading research capabilities of our investment division, select, research and monitor every manager on your behalf. This means you and your clients can rest assured that the funds available for you to build a portfolio from are managed by some of the best fund managers in the industry. To support and evidence the research, we provide Research Notes on the funds. You can access these from the Researched Funds page.

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Our ongoing process

Our manager research process combines both qualitative and quantitative research, with the latter providing evidence of our views and opinions. The process is a continual one in which managers are researched, selected and monitored on an ongoing basis.

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