A range of investment solutions

Our investment solutions are designed to help you find the right balance between dedicating enough time to your clients and actively managing their portfolios to meet their expectations. You can reduce the time you need to spend in researching and monitoring funds by outsourcing it to us, using our Researched Range. 

As you will know, the key to selecting an investment solution that best meets the needs of your clients is in conducting a robust and thorough fact find. Which type of investment solution is suitable for your clients will depend on a number of factors, such as your clients’ investment needs, objectives, amount they wish to invest, as well as their investment knowledge and confidence.  

Whatever your clients’ investment needs, we’ve got it covered.

Global Select

We can help to simplify the complex task of selecting and monitoring funds, by delivering:

  • our Managed Solutions - packaged multi asset funds, managed by our sister company Old Mutual Global Investors
  • Researched Funds – a focused range of individual funds, carefully hand-picked by us


Our SelfSelect fund range gives you access to hundreds of funds from a wide range of leading fund groups, including Fidelity, Invesco, BlackRock, HSBC, Franklin Templeton, Henderson, Aberdeen, Schroders and many more, which you can use to build a tailored portfolio. We do not monitor or provide any research support on Self-Select funds.

Together with your clients, you can decide on the most appropriate mix of investments to suit their investment horizon and attitude to risk. You can then choose funds from our SelfSelect range or work with our managed and sector solutions to construct a portfolio.

Open Architecture

In addition to the Researched Range, your Portfolio Bond customers have access to the entire investment universe through an option often called ‘open architecture’. This may be suitable for those looking for a highly personalised portfolio of assets and/or looking to outsource the investment management fully to a third party. 

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