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Alquity Asia Fund

The fund aims to provide growth for investors by tapping into the fast-moving, dynamic opportunities across the Asian region by focusing on long-term investment themes such as demographics, urbanisation, liberalisation and long-term competitive advantages.

  • A different approach to portfolio construction, with exciting themes and stocks
  • Clearly differentiated, non-benchmarked investment strategy
  • Focusing on the next story, not the last one

Mike Sell, Head of Asian Investments at Alquity says ’I passionately believe in the future potential of Asia over the next 20 years. Alquity’s Virtuous Circle model and investment philosophy will help me play to my strengths, delivering strong long-term returns to investors’.

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Alquity Asia Fund - Latest Factsheet
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Alquity Latin America Fund

The Alquity Latin America Fund aims to generate attractive, long-term returns through investments across the Latin American region.

The fund is not benchmarked and holds investments for the long term, while investing in companies that operate in the region that have sustainable competitive advantages and whose growth is undervalued by the market.

  • The fund is truly pan-Latin American, going beyond Brazil and concentrating its focus on other countries such as Mexico, Colombia, Chile and Peru.
  • The fund focuses on the best opportunities, not benchmark holdings.
  • The team has experience of investing through multiple economic cycles.

Roberto Lampl, Head of Latin American Investments at Alquity says ‘Being unconstrained and empowered to focus on the best investment ideas, whilst transforming lives in the markets in which I invest, drives me in the pursuit of excellence. Excellence to seek out and deliver attractive investment results for our shareholders and support the growing economies across the whole Latin American region.’

Additional fund information
Alquity Latin America Fund - Latest Factsheet
Alquity America Fund - Latest Sales Aid

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