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Rachael Griffin talks technical expertise in the financial planning process

Technical expertise in the financial planning process is becoming increasing important, and shows how regulatory change can be an opportunity rather than a threat, helping advisers demonstrate the value of advice. Topic:Financial advice
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Getting under the skin of the new pension transfers consultation (CP17/16)

David Denton, our Head of International Technical Sales, gives his views on the latest FCA consultation paper which is provoking lots of discussion in the market. Topic:Retirement
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International retirement solutions

Rachael Griffin, looks at the increasing demand for pension transfers and the retirement solutions available to international advisers and their clients. Topic:Retirement
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Compass portfolios & the art of navigating financial markets

Harnessing the strength of financial markets can be a powerful way of growing wealth. But to do so, clients need to have confidence to invest long term. Topic:Investment Planning
Richard Buxton

The youngsters’ revolution

A hung parliament – what happens next? Richard Buxton, CEO of our sister company Old Mutual Global Investors (OMGI) and Ed Meier, Manager, Old Mutual UK Equity Income Fund give their views on the election result. Topic:UK general election
Anthony Gillham

UK election: investing after yet another voter revolt

Our multi-asset portfolios were already positioned for an extended period of uncertainty in the UK, says Anthony Gillham, Co-Investment Director, Multi-Asset Topic:UK general election
Keeping you on the right course

The rise of risk targeting

Risk-targeted portfolios can help clients to make informed decisions based on a better understanding of the relationship between risk and potential return. Topic:Investment Planning
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The Isle of Man’s new regulations and what they mean for life offices, advisers and customers

The Isle of Man’s new regulations and what they mean for life offices, advisers and customers Topic:Financial advice
Richard Buxton

Triggering of article 50 – Phoney war tactics?

Richard Buxton, head of UK equities and manager of the Old Mutual UK Alpha Fund, assesses the likely impact for investors of the triggering of Article 50, scheduled for 29th March. Topic:Brexit
Anthony Gillham

Triggering of article 50 – Multi-asset positioning as brexit starting gun is fired

After a long and tempestuous marriage, characterised by a few unseemly rows as well as moments of bliss, the UK and European Union are finally set to enter into official divorce proceedings, at the end of the month. Topic:Brexit

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