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The Isle of Man’s new regulations and what they mean for life offices, advisers and customers

The Isle of Man’s new regulations and what they mean for life offices, advisers and customers Topic:Financial advice
Richard Buxton

Triggering of article 50 – Phoney war tactics?

Richard Buxton, head of UK equities and manager of the Old Mutual UK Alpha Fund, assesses the likely impact for investors of the triggering of Article 50, scheduled for 29th March. Topic:Brexit
Anthony Gillham

Triggering of article 50 – Multi-asset positioning as brexit starting gun is fired

After a long and tempestuous marriage, characterised by a few unseemly rows as well as moments of bliss, the UK and European Union are finally set to enter into official divorce proceedings, at the end of the month. Topic:Brexit
Ian Ormiston

Triggering of article 50 – Europe carries on regardless

Ian Ormiston, manager of the Old Mutual Europe (ex UK) Smaller Companies fund, reacts to the news that the UK government will trigger Article 50 on Wednesday 29 March and will leave the European Union in two years’ time. Topic:Brexit
Corporate Protection

Opportunities for new advice models  

Brendan Dolan discusses the considerable changes impacting International markets. Providers and advisers alike are facing a new wave of challenges, from regulation to a more informed, demanding and mobile consumer. Topic:Financial advice

New models needed for Hong Kong’s new insurance game

Mark Christal discusses the impact the change in regulation will have on the Hong Kong market. Topic:Financial advice
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Structured products – leading the change towards better outcomes for customers

Prakash Chandramohan explains why OMI have introduced new criteria for structured products, aimed at making them simpler and more transparent. The ultimate goal however, is a better outcome for clients. Topic:Financial advice
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The Lifestyle Trust – Happy first Birthday to a modern day trust solution

January marks the first anniversary of the launch of the Lifestyle Trust. Topic:Trust & Taxation
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Trump inauguration investing in the era of ‘The Donald’

The uncertainty surrounding the new US president’s plans reinforces our belief in the validity of seeking to position our portfolios to perform well under a variety of scenarios. Topic:Multi-Asset
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Key dates to look out for in 2017

Technical Manager, Rachael Griffin, looks ahead to some of the key dates and events that will be happening over the next twelve months. Topic:Financial advice

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