About us

Our long history and heritage

It’s vital for you to have confidence in the company to which you are entrusting your savings and investments. Part of that confidence comes from knowing it’s a strong, established company.

Old Mutual International is the collective name for the Old Mutual companies that provide offshore and cross-border investment solutions for both expatriate and local investors across the world. Our products and solutions are underpinned by a wide choice of investments and ways to monitor and manage them online, with the help of your financial adviser. Click here to find out more about the companies which make up Old Mutual International.

Old Mutual International is the international arm of Old Mutual Wealth, a leading wealth management business overseeing £127.3 billion in customer investments (as at 30 June 2017). Old Mutual Wealth is part of Old Mutual plc, a FTSE 100 group that provides life assurance, asset management, banking and general insurance. Old Mutual is trusted by more than 19.4 million customers (as at 31 December 2016) across the world and has a total of £212.3 billion of assets under management (as at 30 June 2017).

What sets us apart?

Our investment solutions are designed to be flexible so you can tailor them to suit your individual financial needs and goals – whether that’s growing or preserving your financial worth, helping your children get on in life or simply retiring active and happy.

We have a wealth of expertise in offshore jurisdictions developed over our 30 year history. We are one of the few financial service providers to operate in multiple markets around the world, providing exceptional service to more than 100,000 customers. We’re highly experienced at working in a number of different time zones and languages, respecting local culture and regulations.

The value of advice

We believe in the value of financial advice. The best way to achieve your financial goals is by establishing a long-term relationship between you, your adviser and us. Working together, we can each play a role in helping you to achieve a more secure financial future.


Our customer focused approach has been frequently recognised by experts in the investment industry. We’re proud to have won 21 awards in 2016 – including ‘Best International Life Group’ at the International Investment – International Fund & Product Awards 2016. That makes it six times in the last eight years we’ve been awarded ‘Best International Life Group’. Find out more.