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Wealth held across multiple jurisdictions can cause complexities such as:

  • preserving wealth from tax liabilities
  • transferring wealth across generations seamlessly
  • protecting the identity of beneficiaries.

As a world-leading provider of cross-border wealth management solutions, we are specialists in robust life assurance structures designed specifically for people with a high level of wealth to help grow, protect and transfer their wealth across the globe.

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Wealth solutions

Learn how we provide solutions which reduce complexity, help grow and protect your wealth, preserve its value and assist with your succession planning.

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Why invest in the Isle of Man

Understand what makes the Isle of Man the location of choice for you to invest.    

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The power of tax deferral

This document explains how tax deferral could help you preserve and grow your wealth.    

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Nomination of beneficiary

Learn the differences between the benefits of investing in a portfolio bond with nominations as opposed to writing a will.

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