Taxation of offshore solutions – for Australian investors

Old Mutual International’s wealth planning solutions give you freedom over how you invest and control your money. Backed by years of investment expertise and financial strength, our solutions allow Australian residents to save in a stable, tax-efficient environment.

Tax-efficient growth

Old Mutual International Isle of Man Limited is based in the Isle of Man. The Isle of Man is a tax-efficient location and Old Mutual International Isle of Man Limited is currently not liable for income tax, capital gains tax or corporation tax on assets linked to policies on the Isle of Man, so your investment will be able to grow virtually tax-free. It’s possible that withholding tax may be deducted from some of the dividends at your country of origin. However, once inside the bond they can accumulate tax-free.

Tax on full surrender or maturity

The tax payable on full surrender or maturity of your bond policy will depend on the type of investment you hold and how long you hold it for. Generally, any investment gains made on surrender or maturity within a bond policy which has been held for 10 years or more will be disregarded if the person realising the gain is the original beneficial owner of the policy.

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