Tax planning

For certain investors the tax benefits that an offshore wealth management solution can provide will be an important consideration. Investments held within the international jurisdictions used by Old Mutual International grow virtually free of income tax or capital gains tax. Although you will be liable to tax in the country you reside when you withdraw your money, however, over the longer term and with the expertise of a professional adviser, the impact of any tax can usually be managed.

Tax-compliant and regulated

It’s important that your investment is tax compliant and properly regulated. To help your financial adviser to achieve this, we offer them the support of a highly competent, experienced and dedicated tax and financial planning team; particularly useful for British expatriates.

Our world-class tax and financial planning support is highly-rated by financial advisers. That’s because we go the extra mile to give them the specialist help they need to give you quality ongoing service.

We offer the following facilities to your financial adviser:

  • Seminars to help them stay up-to-date with new industry developments.
  • Technical product information so they can understand and can accurately explain our solutions to you.
  • Trust and taxation expertise to help them recommend appropriate solutions to address your needs.
  • Access to a dedicated and regularly updated technical website.
  • Online facilities to access client information quickly and easily.

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