The key to legacy planning 

You have worked hard to accumulate your wealth. Naturally you want enjoy the benefits of your success and ensure your wealth is used in accordance with your wishes. As well as enjoying the lifestyle you deserve in retirement, you will also be considering how best to ensure long term financial security for your family and future generations.

With assets spread across the globe, under many different jurisdictions, wealthy families are often faced with a complex range of regulations, especially when it comes to legacy planning.

In some regions for example ‘forced heirship’ rules can prevent you passing your wealth on to the beneficiaries of your choice. And even where a simple planning tool such as a will has been used, it will usually need to follow the probate process in the applicable jurisdiction. Not only can this take considerable time, it can also be subject to challenge, particularly where it involves complex family structures, as we have seen in some high profile cases.

The key to ensuring an individual’s end-to-end wealth management needs can be met is expert holistic advice and careful planning. And because needs and personal circumstances change over time, it’s important that this advice should be an ongoing process.

Please speak to your financial adviser to understand how our wealth management solutions might help you grow and preserve your wealth.

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