Estate planning

Estate planning is for everyone. It alleviates the financial impact of your death on those you leave behind. Our wealth management solutions and trust services play a vital role in estate planning, helping you to:

  • Control the distribution of your assets
    Depending upon the jurisdiction in which you live or own property, you may not be free to decide who should benefit from your estate when you die. In many countries, laws of succession define specific rights for heirs, known as forced heirs. Argentina, Brazil, Spain and France are examples of countries which have such prescribed rules.

    With efficient estate planning tools, you can nominate beneficiaries during your lifetime and pass on benefits when you pass away. Our wealth management solutions even allow you to assign the policy to the beneficiary instead, which could avoid capital loss in the case of any unexpected economic downturn.
  • Pass on your wealth quickly and easily
    Many countries use the probate system for distributing property when somebody dies. Estate planning can avoid the possible delays and the expenses associated with this legal process. Our solution can allow your wealth to be distributed as you wish, quickly and easily.
  • Keep your financial affairs confidential
    If you have married more than once, you may want to ensure that assets are held solely for the benefit of your children and not for any stepchildren. Alternatively, in the same circumstances, you may want to ensure that assets are held solely for the benefit of your current spouse/partner and not for an ex-spouse/partner.

    Our wealth management solutions are private and can offer greater confidentiality, enabling you to choose who you wish to benefit from your assets. This can be particularly useful in overcoming complex family situations.
  • Avoid potential tax liabilities
    In some countries, assets left to beneficiaries are subject to estate duty and inheritance tax. Using the right vehicle for estate planning can help to avoid unnecessary tax and eliminate serious tax consequences for your family.

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