Multimanager Approach

Investors can benefit from Old Mutual International’s long experience of 'managing the managers'. Here, excellent managers are identified and blended to offer a mix of investment style and process in each sector. If a manager fails to meet their objectives they are replaced.

Old Mutual International focuses on gaining a qualitative understanding of a fund manager’s capabilities supported by quantitative evidence gathering. To achieve this, the four fundamental cornerstones of the research process – the ‘4P’s – are assessed:

  • Philosophy – how the manager is seeking to add value
  • Process – day to day activities that demonstrate a manager’s stated philosophy in action and generate added value
  • People – whether the company has enough people, sufficiently skilled to implement and operate in practice the stated philosophy
  • Performance – the evidence that demonstrates the investment approach and levels of manager skill

Today our model is much imitated but never surpassed – we remain one of the acknowledged leaders in providing the relevant offering.

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