Understanding the client – Supporting your service offering

Service offering

Once the service offer has been finalised, the business should undertake the following:

Document the service packages

The services and value in each package should be documented in a service level agreement (SLA). This can be used as a marketing tool to differentiate your business from competitors and to both set clients’ expectations and demonstrate value to clients.

Prepare a service responsibility plan

Once the service packages have been developed, all processes and activities within the business should be structured to ensure the delivery of these services as promised. It is important that all staff members are aware of their responsibilities in the delivery of the new services programme. Processes should be added to your firm’s operations manual.

After all, there is little point in promoting a service that the business is unable to provide and maintain.

Document parameters for new client acquisition and minimum service levels

The segmentation process and development of appropriate service packages will now help to focus prospecting activities on the business’s ideal target market. New client parameters can be set and documented to help attract and secure more appropriate prospects.

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Business transition: the importance of understanding the customer

Business transition:

the importance of understanding the customer. By Mimi Pienaar

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Understand client

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