Understanding the client – Client fulfilment

Client fulfilment

Once a segmentation strategy has been developed, the next step is implementation.

Implementation should be carefully considered in order to ensure minimal disruption to client satisfaction levels. Extensive communication will help to revise client expectations and highlight the benefits of the revised services.

Applying segmentation to new clients may be done as soon as the criteria and service packages have been selected and the model confirmed. However, transitioning existing clients may take 12-18 months.

Consider the following checklist:

Prior to launch:

  •  Update all staff on new service levels and pricing strategy
  •  Discuss and agree client benefits
  •  Advise team of implementation strategy and timing
  •  Integrate service delivery into back office and technology systems
  •  Advise all support team and adviser teams of new responsibilities
  •  Develop marketing materials covering the new services and prices, including a service level agreement document, direct mail emails/letters, advertising, brochures, welcome pack etc.

New business – launch

  •  Display marketing materials on the new strategy internally and provide to all new business prospects
  •  Direct mail all existing prospects introducing the new strategy and highlighting the benefits
  •  Incorporate this into all client conversations and new business appointments
  •  Ensure the operations manual has been updated.

Existing clients

Any changes to the ongoing services offered to existing clients per segment will require significant work by the business to successfully transition clients. This will be particularly evident with the top 20% clients. The transition for existing clients should be structured over a 12 month period so that as much of the transitioning can be done during the review time.

Existing clients

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