Practice Management

Building a sustainable business

Practice Management is based on best business practice and is relevant to all firms; large, medium or small.

It’s an ongoing business development programme which helps adviser firms develop strategies and practices to build a sustainable business model based on the concept that every business needs to continually reassess:

  • where it is at
  • which practices are still relevant
  • the internal and external factors which drive future change.

The programme is designed to assess the potential within an adviser firm, and then create a blueprint, helping the business transition to its optimum model of profitability and sustainability.

Old Mutual International has been sponsoring the Practice Management programme with Masthead (Pty) Ltd and its Head of Practice Management, Mimi Pienaar, since 2013.

Practice Management videos

To help your understanding of practice management, we've developed three short videos to explain what it is, why build a sustainable business and the stepping stones to help you achieve it.

Watch them and then test your knowledge by answering some multiple-choice questions. You will then receive an email with the answers and a self-certifying document to support your learning.

Watch the videos

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