A blueprint for your business

We’ve all been witnessing unprecedented change in our industry. Customers’ expectations and demands, together with economic and regulatory reforms are throwing up new challenges, threats and opportunities.

Now, in order to help our international business partners adapt to, and embrace, the challenges of the new world of advice, we're planning to provide specific support and expertise to help you keep your business fit for the future.

The legal and regulatory details shown at the end of this video have been updated since the video was created.

Please click here to view the most recent legal and regulatory details.

‘Future Fit’ – is a module-based programme to guide you through the key considerations when evolving your business model to be a success in the modern advice world.

We want your experience and input to be an integral part of the development of the Future Fit program. Please email or call us with your feedback so that we can ensure our Future Fit program helps your business in the most appropriate way.

Putting things in context

We have developed our Future Fit programme as a way to apply Practice Management within your business.

Practice Management is an ongoing business development programme, which helps adviser firms build sustainable business models. In collaboration with our management consultant partners, Masthead, we have produced three short videos that explain what Practice Management is, why you need to build a sustainable business and the stepping stones to help you get there.

Learn about practice management