Administration Forms

This page lists the servicing activity available to you as a Contract holder.

Life Account Archive - Administration Forms
(South African Investors)
  Contract Actions/ Options Actions & Form(s) required
1. Appointing new Nominated Beneficiaries after the start of your Contract Completion of: Beneficiary nomination form - individuals
Beneficiary nomination form - trusts or charities
2. Assignments & Cessions Completion of either: Deed of Assignment form OR Notification of Assignment as Collateral
Security ("Security cession") form
3. Changing the investment choices you have made Completion of: Fund Switching form or Redirection of Recurring Contributions form
4. Requesting a duplicate contract if the original has been mislaid Completion of: Declaration of Loss & Indemnity form
5. Requesting either a complete or partial encashment of your contract Completion of: Form of Discharge, Encashment or Partial
Encashment form
6. Change, add or remove lives assured from the contract Completion of: Change of Lives Assured form

**Life Account 2 was launched in November 2009. The details above relate to contracts taken out prior to this date.

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