Life Account 2-at a glance

If you are investing with a particular goal in mind or if you simply want to be sure that your money can take advantage of a range of growth opportunities into the future, Life Account 2 may be the solution for you.

This 'at a glance' reference summarises the main features.

  • Individual(s), aged between 18 and 79.
  • Trustees
  • Companies
Minimum contribution

GBP 20,000, USD 30,000, EUR 30,000.
Where you already have a Life Account 2 plan we will reduce the minimum contribution to second and subsequent Life Account 2 contracts to GBP 5,000, USD 7,500, EUR 7,500. This is subject to all contract holders being the same at the contract commencement date.

Choice of funds

Details of the funds you can apply to be linked to your Life Account 2 can be found in the Life Account Fund factsheet section. You can change your fund choice, subject to the availability of funds and certain constraints (see 'Investment choices with Life Account 2').


The value of your Life Account 2 is not guaranteed. Its value is linked to that of the underlying funds you have chosen (see 'Investment choices with Life Account 2').


The charges are made to cover the costs of setting up and managing your Life Account 2 and to pay your financial adviser. Full details of all charges applied to Life Account 2 can be found on the Product Information Sheet and in the Life Account 2 General Conditions.

Access to Life Account 2

Life Account 2 is a medium-to-long-term unit-linked whole of life assurance product. The Life Account 2 plan is issued as 100 contracts. In the first five years, withdrawals are subject to restriction. It may be that you are unable to access all or part of the capital during the initial five-year period. Also during the first few years after your initial contribution, any withdrawal may be subject to an 'Early Encashment Charge'. Full details can be found in Life Account 2 General Conditions.


Holding investments within Life Account 2 can provide valuable tax benefits. You should speak to your financial adviser about this (see "Tax efficient investing").


As with any investment, there are risks involved (see 'Risks').

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