Requesting either a complete or partial surrender of your policy

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Complete the Form of discharge/ surrender form.

This form must be completed as it is a legally binding document.

Form of discharge/ surrender - OMG & Life Account (See instructions below)

Form of discharge/ surrender - OMIG, OMII & OMHK (See instructions below)


All policy numbers must be listed.

Please complete the full address of the bank where the payment is to be sent. Remember to allow for bank charges - typically the equivalent of £25 - when stating the amount required.

All Policyholders, Assignees or Trustees must sign the form.


Send the completed form and Policy Document (if required) to Old Mutual at:

Albert House,
South Esplanade,
St Peter Port,
Guernsey, GY1 1AW
Channel Islands

Mark for the attention of the Claims section.

We will accept a fax of the Discharge form (please send to + 44 1481 728953), but we will not release the money until the original form has been received.

As we work on a weekly pricing basis, we need to receive the request before 5.15pm on Sunday, in order to secure the following week.


Old Mutual will action the request at the next relevant price date. The surrender proceeds will normally be sent by bank transfer within 7-10 business days of the Price Date.


Please note: The proceeds will only be released providing all the original forms have been received.


Old Mutual will issue a statement to you, 5 - 10 days following the transfer of the proceeds.


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