Administration Forms

This section illustrates the various policy servicing options you can request in respect of current policies with Old Mutual International (Ireland), Old Mutual International (Guernsey) and Old Mutual Guernsey Branch. These requests are processed by our policy servicing division, known as OMI Client Services, who are committed to making amendments to current policies as easy as possible.

These pages are designed to take you through the stages of our most common procedures, explaining what OMI will require from you and what you can expect from us in return. Where applicable, we have stated our standard turnaround times for the various options. Where specific forms are required for completion, an option has been provided to print the relevant form directly from the website. Please note that these forms should be printed, completed and returned as indicated in the procedures to prevent delays in processing.

To view procedures, hints and tips and application forms for any of the policy servicing options for policies with Old Mutual International (Ireland), Old Mutual International (Guernsey) and Old Mutual Guernsey Branch please select one of the following:

  1. Assignments & Cessions.
  2. Changing your address.
  3. Changing your financial adviser.
  4. Changing the funds you invest in. Switches.
  5. Amending the name of the policyholder following marriage, divorce.
  6. Requests for policy information.
  7. Requesting either a complete or partial surrender of your policy.
  8. Placing policies into Premium suspension.
  9. Taking policies out of Premium suspension.

For policy servicing options not listed above, please contact the International Help Desk on:

Tel: +44 1481 700450
Fax: +44 1481 728953
or email us.


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