A Wealth of solutions

We can offer a range of complete investment solutions (the ‘Managed Solutions’), whereby our experienced portfolio managers take care of both fund selection and asset allocation on your behalf. This enables you to spend more time on your financial planning needs.

Our Researched Range brings together the expertise of leading global fund managers from well-known high-quality asset management brands. The range offers you and your clients’ funds across all the major asset classes and geographical regions at attractive prices. The funds and fund managers in this range are constantly monitored by the Multi-Asset team at Old Mutual Global Investors to ensure they perform as expected and continue to meet our high standards. You and your financial adviser can use these to build your own portfolio. This allows you to manage the asset allocation while outsourcing manager research to us.

For investors who would prefer a broader choice of investments, our Self-Select range gives you access to hundreds of funds from leading fund groups. The range is continually enhanced to ensure it provides plenty of choice.

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