OMGB USD Protected Global Index Fund from OMI

The OMGB USD Protected Global Index Fund (‘the Fund’) aims to capture the positive performance of a Global Index Portfolio (‘the Portfolio’) while returning at least 100% of your contribution at the end of a six-year term.

The OMGB USD Protected Global Index Fund is available exclusively to South African resident clients who are investing in a new Life Account 2 contract from Old Mutual Guernsey, and who wish to place 100% of their contribution in the Fund which aims to benefit from any future global economic growth.

You can invest in the OMGB USD Protected Global Index Fund from 28 October 2011 until 16h00 GMT on 9 December 2011 – please note that if the Fund is oversubscribed the closing date may be earlier. We will write to you at the first opportunity if this affects your application.

Your investment will be held on deposit within Life Account 2 and credited with any interest earned until 9 December 2011 (the closing date for investing). All investors’ contributions will be held on deposit and placed into the OMGB USD Protected Global Index Fund on the same day, in a single trade.

The Fund launched on 15 December 2011 (the investment reference date).

The final investment reference date is 15 December 2017 and the maturity date is 22 December 2017.

At the end of the six-year term the average growth for your investment will be calculated. The contribution plus any average growth will be switched into the OMGB USD Money Market Fund in your Life Account 2.

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