Changing the funds you invest in. Switches

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Complete Switch form.

Although we have a pre-printed form that can be used,
we will accept switching instructions in the form of a letter.

Click here for the form in PDF format. (See instructions below)


The form or letter must include the owner/s name/s, policy number/s to be actioned and the date the form was completed.

The first section (on the left) should be completed if you wish to cancel units in funds currently held, and use the proceeds to buy units in new funds.

The second section (on the right) - "Regular premiums" - should be completed if you wish to keep the units already purchased, but direct future premiums into new funds. Not applicable on Single premium policies. It can also be used to confirm where regular premiums should be invested following a switch instruction.

Please note:- only 10 funds can be held at any one time.

All owners of the policy must sign the form. 


Send the completed form or letter to Old Mutual at:

Albert House,
South Esplanade,
St Peter Port,
Guernsey, GY1 1AW
Channel Islands

Fax: 01481 728 953

Mark for the attention of the Policy Servicing Section.

We will accept a fax of the request, but the original form/letter must be sent to the office in order for us to release the endorsements. The weekly "cut off" for requests is 5.15pm each Sunday, for the following Tuesday


Old Mutual will action the request at the next relevant price date. Once the switch has been processed, a switch endorsement is produced and sent to you with a copy being sent to your Adviser.

Because we work on a weekly pricing basis, it may take up to three weeks before the endorsement is produced and issued to you.


The switch will be processed using the prices applicable on the Tuesday next following receipt of the instructions. Units are switched on a bid to bid basis and where a charge applies this will be at the rate of £25 per switch instruction (maximum 5 funds). This is automatically deducted, proportionally, between the appropriate funds during the transaction.

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