Compass Portfolios

The Compass Portfolio range offers investors a choice of global, risk-targeted multi-asset funds. The portfolios are truly globalised with no specific regional biases. They can be ideal solutions for clients who are seeking to diversify their investments over multiple markets, sectors, assets and investment styles. Each portfolio is a basket of assets packaged within a single fund, representing a highly diversified portfolio of:

  • global stocks and shares
  • alternatives
  • fixed interest
  • cash.

The Compass Portfolio range is available to our customers through our Old Mutual International OMI Isle of Man and Old Mutual Guernsey Branch fund ranges.


Why choose the Compass Portfolio range?

One of the key benefits of investing in a diversified multi-asset portfolio is that they can offer a smoother overall investment journey as different asset classes usually have different return behaviours. This is a proven way to spread risk and could help protect your client’s money during periods when markets are performing poorly. Clients can also switch between portfolios as their investment needs change over time which can help ensure their investments are aligned with their needs and objectives.

You can choose from four risk-targeted multi-asset funds:

Risk rating

Fund name

Old Mutual International Isle of Man (OMI IM)/Ireland (OMI IE) funds

Available through the Managed Savings Account, Managed Pension Account, Managed Capital Account, Executive Wealth Account and European Capital Account.

Fund name

Old Mutual Compass Portfolios

Available through Old Mutual International Isle of Man/Ireland Portfolio Bonds.

OMI IM/OMI IE Compass Portfolio 5

Old Mutual Compass Portfolio 5

OMI IM/OMI IE Compass Portfolio 4

Old Mutual Compass Portfolio 4

OMI IM/OMI IE Compass Portfolio 3

Old Mutual Compass Portfolio 3

OMI IM/OMI IE Compass Portfolio 2

Old Mutual Compass Portfolio 2


The OMIM/OMGB Compass Portfolios invest 100% in underlying funds called the Old Mutual Compass Portfolios managed by a multi-asset team which combines the expertise of Old Mutual Global Investors and Quilter Cheviot (also known as the Old Mutual Wealth Investment Division). 

What types of client may want to invest in multi-asset funds?

Compass Portfolios may suit clients who:

  • want a clear idea of how to expect their portfolio to work
  • place a high value on quality active management and professional portfolio management
  • want a diversified portfolio of global assets
  • do not want a high level of involvement in fund selection or day to day portfolio management.

How to invest

The Compass Portfolios are designed to help you to provide investments that meet your clients' needs at all times. You can use the Risk Profiler tool to help match your client to a Compass Portfolio, or simply to help your client assess and understand their risk profile in order to help them build their own portfolio.

Once you and your client have decided which Compass Portfolio is most suitable for them, you can rest assured the portfolio will remain relevant to their risk appetite throughout, and if your clients' risk appetite changes you can simply switch their investment to another portfolio better suited to their new situation.

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