How Wealth Interactive benefits you

Facts and figures at your fingertips

Wealth Interactive gives you a straightforward, clear and transparent way to access information about your investment. You can sign in to your own secure online service account and review your policy, including your portfolio of assets, whenever you have access to the internet. You can check the latest available figures and facts about your investments and keep up to date with changes made by your financial adviser.

Plus, you can use Wealth Interactive to change your personal details, such as your address or contact information.

Extra reassurance

You’ll feel engaged with your investment, because you can see how it’s performing and react quickly to any changes. You can confidently discuss your wealth with your financial adviser, because you’ll have all the facts you need.

Reducing paperwork and waiting times

You can approve key transactions electronically, reducing the need for you to sign forms and file paperwork, while seamless processing means there’s less waiting around for approval or valuations from our offices.

Correspondence between you and Old Mutual International will be available within your online service account. Your financial adviser can even request your online approval of transactions such as buying and selling assets. You can then sign in to review the transaction and submit or request changes if you wish.