Executive Investment Account

Investment freedom through wider choice

Our Executive Investment Account can help you manage your worldwide assets easily and efficiently. Designed for the international investor, it is an investment-linked life assurance policy whose primary use is not for protection, but as an offshore investment account.

The Executive Investment Account allows you to construct a global portfolio

International Life Awards 2016 winner, Singapore, best single premium investment product

that’s right for you, without being restricted to a particular fund management company, asset class, geographic region or currency. It also allows you to transfer across any existing assets, allowing you to consolidate, view and manage your investments in one place.

Assets are held in the politically stable and tax-efficient Isle of Man, so any growth on your investment will be virtually free from tax, subject to any withholding tax payable.

The Executive Investment Account is available to Accredited Investors* only.

*The Executive Investment Account is only available to accredited investors as defined by the Securities and Futures Act (Cap.289) of Singapore. Currently this means an individual investor having either an income of not less than S$300,000 or foreign currency equivalent in the last 12 months, or personal net assets of not less than S$2 million or foreign currency equivalent. For corporate investors the company must have assets of at least S$10 million or foreign currency equivalent.

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Policy Terms and Conditions: 

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Past performance is no guarantee of future returns. The value of the investments and the income from them can go down as well as up and the investor may not get back the amount invested. Where a transaction involves more than one currency the investor may be exposed to the risk of currency fluctuations.