Convenience and portability


The benefit of having a clear and understandable investment product is not to be undervalued, when local products may appear confusing due to a lack of familiarity with local companies, laws, taxes or even languages.

In addition our investment products are designed with flexibility in mind. You can personally access online valuations through our secure client centre/client extranet. You also have the option to make regular, lump-sum payments, switches and withdrawals quickly and easily with the help of your financial adviser representative*.

Online tools to make investing easier

Wealth Interactive is the name of our online service, designed to make managing your investment easier. As well as giving you sight of your investments' activities, it allows both you and your financial adviser representative to carry out transactions online*.

You can:

  • manage your personal and policy details
  • create or update withdrawals
  • review your investments following discussion with your financial adviser representative.

Some actions can have tax implications for you, or incur charges, so you should always discuss your investment with your financial adviser representative before taking any action.

*Subject to product specification and terms; please check with your financial adviser representative.


If you live or work overseas, or are thinking of moving abroad in the future, investing through an international jurisdiction may have its benefits. For starters, it gives you the flexibility of an investment solution that can adapt and move with you as circumstances change. Remember though that there may be restrictions in certain countries so please check with your financial adviser representative.

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