Better business control to complement to your compliance processes

Wealth Interactive, our end-to-end online wealth management service, provides proven and repeatable services to support your advice.

The services available on Wealth Interactive are all underpinned by client reporting which records all the important details of:

  • goal planning
  • risk profiling with strategic asset allocation options

Wealth Interactive will also let you build in an internal approval process for dealing instructions, providing the option for rigorous supervision if you require it.

Instant audit trail

By providing a clear trail of the actions on a client’s policy, Wealth Interactive can help reduce the risks in your business and support your compliance procedures. It achieves this through a detailed transaction and payment history, together with a store of system generated documentation and correspondence.

Controlling internal access

Wealth Interactive allows you to share information appropriately across your business. You can set parameters controlling exactly how much sensitive detail can be viewed by individuals in different job roles within your firm. There are six different roles available – you simply choose who is given what role. It can give you peace of mind, knowing that the right people have the right access to information and functionality. You can even vary the permissions within a selected role, giving you even more control.

Each user can update their own details and change their passwords without the need to contact us.

New starters and leavers

Staff turnover can cause disruption for clients, when new advisers have to spend time familiarising themselves with a client’s history. There’s also the issue of leavers being able to access sensitive information.

Wealth Interactive can help reduce this risk. You can deactivate an existing adviser and assign a new adviser to a client simply and easily. The new adviser can have instant access, enabling them to get up to speed quickly on Old Mutual International client policies and transaction history. Delays in handing over client accounts are eliminated and client disruption is kept to a minimum.

Adviser payment statements and other firm documentation

Wealth Interactive gives you quick, easy access to all adviser payment statements in PDF format. It provides a paperless, secure statement storage solution, where statements are published online as soon as they are generated, so there’s no need to wait for posted copies or call Old MutualInternational to request copy statements.

Getting onboard

Wealth Interactive is a very advanced service, but it’s very simple to use. We will make it even easier for you to use as one of our ‘e-business specialists’ can help you get started and answer any questions you or your colleagues may have.

You’ll soon be using the system confidently, for all your regular transactions with us. But if you do occasionally need to contact our Old Mutual International offices, we’ll be delighted to hear from you.

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