What are the benefits of Wealth Interactive?

For your business

By reducing the time you spend on administration of your Old Mutual International business, Wealth Interactive will transform the way you spend time with clients and prospects.

A faster and more efficient way of doing business with us

  • Helps you service clients online quickly, efficiently and securely.
  • Reduces the time you spend administering your Old Mutual International business.
  • Efficient online application process for you and your clients.
  • Online validation will reduce errors and omissions.
  • No postal delays and therefore business will be issued faster.
  • Client–centric – you only need to enter client details once.
  • Reduces the risk to your business with a clear audit trail.

Strengthens your client relationships

  • Lets you give your clients the online access and control they expect today.
  • Alerts you to key events, such as a client's birthday or plan anniversary, so you can engage in dialogue with them.

In-depth investment management

  • Gives you a comprehensive range of investment tools, with instant access to in-depth information
  • Lets you provide clients with rich insight into assets when making recommendations.

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For your clients

Wealth Interactive will give clients the online access and functionality they expect today.

It will:

  • bring them closer to their wealth
  • reinforce your recommendation of us as a provider
  • further enhance their relationship with you, thanks to the seamless communication between the client and adviser extranets.

Wealth Interactive gives your clients an at-a-glance view of their Old Mutual International products and a clear, transparent way to keep track of their wealth. It gives them quick and easy access to all the information they need to feel more engaged with their policies and help them understand why their investments perform as they do. They can see:

  • the current value of their bond
  • the historic value of their bond
  • how their assets are performing
  • a library of all the correspondence they’ve received from us
  • a history of the transactions you have made
  • factsheets for the assets they hold.

Wealth Interactive will also help you service your clients by:

  • showing them you are providing a clear, transparent, efficient service that’s also excellent value for money
  • providing you with investment tools such as risk profiling and asset allocation to help you build the right investment solutions.

Wealth Interactive gives your clients information about their wealth, not the expert knowledge to manage it without you, and so there are regular prompts to refer them back to their adviser.

Want to talk to your clients about Wealth Interactive?

 Download a copy of our client leaflet

Our client video also gives an overview of the service and its benefits.

The legal and regulatory details shown at the end of this video have been updated since the video was created.

Please click here to view the most recent legal and regulatory details.

You can also recommend that your clients visit the Wealth Interactive client website.

Find out how the Wealth Interactive switchover affects your clients.

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