How to register your firm for Wealth Interactive

To start using Wealth Interactive, it's important your business is set up correctly on the system.

There are three key steps involved in registering financial adviser firms and their employees with their own secure Online Service Accounts.

Registration process

Step 1
Your firm needs to have Terms of Business in place with Old Mutual International. If they are not already in place, the relevant person in your firm should get in touch with your local Old Mutual International sales team.
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Step 2
Once your firm’s Terms of Business have been established, your Head of Firm needs to appoint a ‘Master User’ and supply us with the Master User’s email address. We will then email this appointed Master User with a link to register their 'Master User Account', where they will set up their user name and password.
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Step 3
Your firm’s appointed Master User can then set up the rest of your firm's employees on Wealth Interactive, depending on which level of access is appropriate to them. Each user will receive their own sign in details and will be asked to accept the Online Service Terms when they sign in for the first time.

As a user, you will then be ready to enjoy the numerous benefits of Wealth Interactive.

To register your firm for Wealth Interactive, please complete the simple online registration form. Your details will be passed to our team of dedicated Wealth Interactive specialists who will then contact you to help you get started.

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