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Trust planning

We want to make writing trust business as easy as possible - from guiding your clients to choose and set up the right trust for their needs, to understanding local laws and obtaining the right trust paperwork.

A trust can be an indispensable financial planning tool, both helping your clients mitigate tax and giving them control over how and when wealth is distributed. It can be a powerful solution when used alongside an offshore bond, which can be held as an underlying asset of the trust.

Get started with our four step guide to setting up a trust with us.

Step 1 build a basic understanding of trusts


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Step 2 view our trusts

We offer a wide range of trusts to suit your clients' needs.

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Step 3 find the right trust

Use our 'Trust decision tree' to find the right trust.

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Step 4 read articles from our trust experts

Supplement your knowledge on trusts with articles from our experts.

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