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The devil is in the detail

Time apportionment relief changes from 6/4/13 had consequential impacts on top slicing relief for offshore bonds with excess events (withdrawals above the 5% allowance) but these seem to have gone ‘under the radar'.
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Offshore bonds for the UK expat

Offshore bonds have been successful because of their flexible UK tax planning benefits. But for investors outside of the UK, including UK expats, they're still important when investing lump sums.

Taxing collectives in an offshore bond

This article looks at the taxation of a collective investment when held by a UK-resident bondholder (excluding companies) inside an offshore bond and considers any additional liability which may fall on the bondholder.

Offshore Bonds: ‘smaller companies’

High level summary of FRSSE change coming into effect on 1 Jan 2016.
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UK taxation of offshore bonds, part 3

This article explains how personal portfolio bond taxation interacts with other UK chargeable events.
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UK taxation of offshore bonds, part 1

Income tax assessment where UK resident individuals hold an offshore regular or single premium life assurance bond, or a capital redemption bond offered by Old Mutual International, OMII or OMIG.

Offshore bonds as UK trustee investment

This article explains how offshore bonds can be a suitable trust asset for a number of reasons.
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UK taxation of offshore bonds, part 2

Reliefs available where a chargeable event gain has been made. It is recommended that this article is read in conjunction with UK taxation of offshore bonds - Part I Chargeable Events which details how the chargeable event regime works.
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Advantages of using an offshore bond

This article aims to provide an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing an offshore bond for UK resident clients.
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Offshore bond for UK expats – 6 benefits

Some of the key UK taxation benefits which an offshore bond can provide to a UK expatriate investor. These benefits are presented for consideration alongside the other aspects of investment advice.

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