Old Mutual International OMI IM US3 Autocall Fund

In the current investment climate, your clients may be looking to reduce the impact of market volatility. To address this, we have launched the Old Mutual International Isle of Man US3 Autocall fund which aims to generate a defined return of 10%* per year or up to 50%** if the fund runs to the end of the five year term.

The Fund invests in a certificate which has a term of five years, but it can mature early (known as ‘Autocall’) if, on any future anniversary date, the share prices of all three companies that the certificate is linked to are the same or higher than the price recorded at the start date.

The Fund:

  • aims to give defined capital growth of 10%* for each year of investment
  • invests in a security issued by BNP Paribas
  • is linked to three well-known US companies (see the fund brochure for details)
  • is available in USD
  • can be held in a tax efficient wrapper.

*10% for each year invested, up to a maximum of five years. This will be set by 27 March 2015 but the defined rate will not be lower than 10%.
** The Fund does not provide any guarantees, meaning you could potentially lose some or all of your capital if, at the Final Valuation Date, the S&P 500 Index (the ‘index’) is below 55% of the starting level.

The Old Mutual International Isle of Man US3 Autocall Fund, issue 3:

To find out more, read the fund brochure and at a glance.

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